Gamestacy wins global accolades as they represent India on Global Accelerator Platforms: Google Games and Newchip


Gamestacy has recently set records by winning back-to-back selection in two world-class accelerators, Google Games and Newchip. These accelerators will take the brand to the next level with its advanced technology.

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Gamestacy, Founded by Danish Sinha and funded by Sanjay Kumar (Ex CEO of Altran and Elior India), is a mobile game studio that combines business expertise with extensive gaming knowledge to develop original mobile game IP.

Danish Sinha, The Founder of Gamestacy, said, “Newchip and Google programs complement each other and provide the right product and business acceleration we required to advance to the next step. Gamestacy has always been about improving the gaming space, and now, with the help of these accelerators and our other collaborations, it is possible.” is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm.

Gamestacy will receive mentorship and support from the network of these two best-in-class global accelerator programs, and other industry experts. The training period will give them business and tech guidance on UI/UX, design & development mentorship, fundraising & leadership workshops, networking opportunities, product featuring, and much more.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Ex CEO of Altran and Elior India, who has largely funded this enterprise, said, “The selection validates that the core offerings of Gamestacy has innovation embedded in it, as the idea is not only exciting from a gaming experience perspective but also lends itself to commercial viability. This is the rare combination that few startups are able to achieve.”

Gamestacy is working to build the next big gaming metaverse where these programs integrated within their games will help users come in touch with the best of Google’s programs, products, people, and technology to high potential indie games. These programs will help build an all-in-one optimization tool which will in turn help the company grow and at the same time be mentored and supported by various industry experts. “With our flagship games under our banner, we will use what we learn and make the existing games better and make better games integrated with enhanced infrastructure where we are able to create high-quality social interactions, persistent multiplayer, UGC platform, and live ops” said Danish Sinha.

With the support of such software, the simulation game will give a relaxing and core social media experience while safeguarding the community by stopping cyberbullying. Such safe and secure social experiences encourage people from all backgrounds to enjoy their fair share of fun and entertainment in a safe environment.

Gamestacy makes sure to design games that can be free of abuse, gender-inclusive, and respectful. We do so by keeping all user-generated text, images, and videos moderated with different AI moderation software like Bodyguard AI. Gamestacy is bringing the next innovative gaming platform with the aid of globally renowned accelerators and partners that gives them the right boost to progress forward.

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