From a Nurse to a CEO! Meet Inspirational Fe Hanvivatpong


She came to the US to be a nurse. Today she leads a company as a CEO. @MichaelJohnRegalado had a conversation with this super achiever!

MJ: Can you introduce yourself?

Fe Hanvivatpong:  I’m the President and CEO of Ultimate Care Inc, which was founded in 1985. It is a healthcare staffing company, staffing healthcare professionals around the country for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The professional we are looking for are nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Our sources for those professionals are international.

Fe Hanvivatpong

MJ:  You were a nurse when you came to the US?

Fe Han: Yes, I came to the United States as a nurse in 1982. I was 23 years old. My experience was not bad—it was exciting. My goal, really, was to work as a nurse. I worked at it and that was what I prepared myself to do. It was lucky that the profession of a nurse is very much in demand in this country. I felt welcome and I felt I was needed—so that was an inspiration for me. I would say that I had a very good experience.

MJ:  Why are Filipino nurses so much in demand in the US?

Fe Han: For one thing, Filipino nurses are educated based on the American curriculum. Filipino education fits to the American standard. So then when Filipinos come here there is no need for further study. All that is needed is just to pass the licensure exam in the US.

When it comes to the nursing practice in the Philippines, the facilities are comparable to the US standard. Filipino nurses are hardworking and are proven to survive anywhere. They adjust well to the culture. More importantly, Filipinos are bilingual. They speak English and it helps to communicate effectively to the patients.

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MJ: Do you have any advice to someone that wants to start over in a new country?

Fe Han: Before you relocate, you must know your goals—the reason why you want to move to a new place. Then when you have that in place, that would be your inspiration to have something to work toward and make it happen. For example, if you strive to be a nurse. Then you need to prepare yourself to practice that profession in a foreign country. You might have to read material of the hospital setting in the United States. Basically, you have to know why you want to migrate and then prepare yourself to make it happen.

MJ: Now you have a successful business. How did you transition from being a nurse to an entrepreneur?

Fe Han: Being a nurse to business is different because nurses have a regular salary. Businesses don’t have a guaranteed income. You need to have the guts to leave a salaried job. At the time I saw an opportunity. The owner of the facility I was working under tasked me with getting 5 nurses from the Philippines and that was the start. At the time I wasn’t thinking about being a business person. When I saw the success that had bringing in those 5 nurses from my employer, I gained the confidence that I would be able to do it again and more. In this environment there was also a shortage in nurses at the time.

Then a big hospital in Florida called me. They heard about my ability to bring in new nurses, and with the great demand, they asked for a big number—50 nurses. I grabbed the opportunity and left my nurse position. I’m grateful from the support I received from husband. I’m glad to have taken the risk and 35 years later very happy with the results.

MJ: Where can you be reached or contacted?

Fe Han: Since our business is healthcare staffing, and I’m trying to reach international healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists, I would say that you can send your resume to my email, and also our website,, and we go from there. I would encourage—especially the register nurses—you are in demand here in the United States. We have opportunities. We can bring you in with sponsorship of Visas. We’ve been doing it since 1985. Your dream of practicing your profession here in the United States is gonna be painless with us because we have experience and we will deliver. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations!

MJ: Any closing words?

Fe Han: For those dreamers in other countries that wish to come here to the United States, follow your instinct and follow your dream. Prepare yourself for your goal. And you will be successful!

HMUA: Shira
Style: Kirsten Regalado
Video by Leo Figueredo @xcoremiami
Photo: Angel Sheidler
Interview by Michael John Regalado @michaeljohnregalado

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