Exclusive Perks and Discounts Feature from Empuls by Xoxoday to help organizations extend employee paychecks with everyday savings!!


Empuls, the all in one holistic employee engagement platform, today announced the launch of its Employee Discounts feature as a part of its Perks and Benefits platform. This feature is available as an add-on with the Empuls engagement platform. Employee Perks and Discounts allow organizations to promote financial wellbeing through exclusive discounts for people’s planned and unplanned, monthly and annual expenses.

Here’s a short illustration of how Empuls Employee Discounts work. Consider the examples of Priya and Ruhi, who work as marketing professionals for two different firms, with an annual CTC of Rs.14,00,000. They both have a family of four, spouses who have a similar CTC, and similar monthly expenses of Rs. 44,000/month (Rs. 5,28,000/year). They both take two vacations a year and buy similar household equipment. The only difference is that Ruhi’s company has subscribed to Empuls Perks and Discounts, and as a result, she saves at least Rs. 1,00,000 every year on all her expenses.

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Here’s a breakup of their yearly expenses and savings:

Yearly SpendPriyaRuhi (Empuls

Employee Perks &

Planned Expenses

GroceriesRs. 180,000Rs. 180,000  Rs. 169,200
DineoutRs. 54,000Rs. 54,000  Rs. 48,600
TransportationRs. 72,000Rs. 72,000 Rs. 69,840
ApparelRs. 72,000Rs. 72,000 Rs.65,520
Health & Personal CareRs. 102,000Rs. 102,000 Rs. 77,520
EntertainmentRs. 48,000Rs. 48,000 Rs. 43,200
Total Essential ExpensesRs. 528,000Rs. 528,000 Rs. 473,880
Discretionary Expenses

Vacation TravelRs. 600,000Rs. 600,000 Rs.564,000
Household EquipmentRs. 100,000Rs. 100,000 Rs. 90,000
Total Discretionary ExpensesRs. 700,000Rs. 700,000 Rs. 640,000
Total Yearly ExpensesRs. 12,28,000Rs. 1,228,000 Rs. 11,27,880

As the adage goes, A rupee saved is a rupee earned. ConsequentlyRuhi’s company has helped extend her annual income from Rs. 14,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000.

Empuls offers the world’s largest discounts catalog with 20,000+ brands across 25+ essential categories, including groceries, household necessities, dine-outs, food delivery, wellness, travel, entertainment, and more. Hence, Ruhi always gets exclusive savings on all kinds of shopping, travel, and experiences – anything and everything is less expensive for her.

Today, 10+ people-first companies have transformed their hardworking ‘Priyas’ into happy and motivated ‘Ruhis’ by helping them save through Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts.

Designed to help employees beat inflation, augment their savings, and increase their purchasing power, Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts, in parallel, enable organizations to go beyond their regular mix of benefits and provide a fillip to their employee retention strategy. Furthermore, by including Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts as part of the employee benefits package, organizations can improve their employee value proposition. Importantly, Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts are one of the few benefits that positively and frequently impact employees’ lives.

Speaking about this feature launch, Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder of Xoxoday, said, “Our Employee Perks and Discounts feature is a low investment, high ROI feature that helps organizations enhance their EVP. It empowers people-first companies to help their employees save a little more and put money back in their employee’s pockets.”

To help companies move the distance from intention to action, Empuls also has a handy calculator to calculate and visualize the savings. Empuls Employee Perks and Discounts offers an ROI of more than 10x for the organization.

Apart from launching employee discounts across multiple countries, there are other exciting plans in the roadmap for the Empuls Perks & Benefits platform, such as adding exclusive coupon codes and cashback offers from popular brands.

Manoj added, “People leaders today are trying to balance the act between proactively offering innovative and meaningful employee benefits, the balance sheet, and fostering employee loyalty. As a benefit that touches every employee’s life daily, our Employee Perks and Discounts also play a role in nurturing a positive relationship between the employee and the employer.” is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations India’s smartest public relations

Xoxoday is a rapidly growing fintech SaaS firm that propels business growth while focusing on human motivation. Backed by Giift and Apis Partners Growth Fund II, Xoxoday offers a suite of three products – Plum, Empuls, and Compass. Xoxoday works with more than 2,000 clients across 10+ countries and over 2.5 million users. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Xoxoday is a 290+ strong team with four global offices in San Francisco, Dublin, Singapore and New Delhi.

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