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EVERY Yoga Lovers DREAM: Get FIT at the WORLD’S HIGHEST Yoga Studio!

The worlds highest yoga studio

Ladakh is known for heights – like the Khardungla Pass – one of the highest motorable roads in the world. Monastries on the heights of mountains and highest battlefield of Siachen.

Now check out the world’s highest all weather Yoga Studio. Situated at a height of 3500m or about 11500 feet – this is at almost half the height of Mt. Everest.

The World’s Highest Yoga Studio has been created by Sonam Tsering Togochaypa, as part of his hotel The Togocheepa Eco Hotel.

“The yoga studio at the Togocheepa Eco Hotel is a fully equipped Yoga studio – which means people need not carry yoga mats or yoga accessories. All you need is your body, mind and spirit!”


“The weather of Ladakh changes frequently, and people often tried to do Yoga in the open – but hey would be discouraged by the extreme changes in weather, or wind even in a single Yoga session”, says Sonam Tsering Togochaypa. “The yoga studio at the Togocheepa Eco Hotel is a fully equipped Yoga studio – which means people need not carry yoga mats or yoga accessories. All you need is your body, mind and spirit!”

Fully Equipped Yoga Studio: No need to bring anything

The Yoga studio is fully equipped with Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters belts and even Tibitean bowls – literally everything you need to have a complete yoga experience.

High altitude yoga, is gaining as the latest concept amongst yogis. In the quest for the higher power that embodies the core concept of yoga, practitioners are heading towards the sky. Clinical studies have observed the response to increased altitude among yoga practitioners, indicating that advanced breathing techniques might ease the adjustment for them. In an urban setting where people do not have the privilege of going and meditating on a mountain top every morning. This also lowers stress levels leading to a healthy mind, body and soul.

The environment further adds to the natural feel of the class which a studio class may not offer and fresh, pure air means more oxygen for your system. Doing yoga at high altitudes increases the body’s ability to absorb Oxygen – which is retained once we reach lower heights. Athletes have routinely trained at high altitudes before sporting events to give them the extra burst when in competitive games.

Organic Food at the World’s Highest Yoga Studio

The Togocheepa Eco Hotel takes the experience to the next level with completely organic food sourced from the gardens surrounding the hotel. With the hotel 76 kms from the capital Leh, one is completely secluded and one with ones body and spirit – without any distractions.

Here is what a day could look like at the World’s Highest Yoga Studio & Hotel:

Wake up in the mornings to the views of the mountains, and the sound of the cows mooing to announce their fresh milk. Head to an exhilarating Yoga session, where every breath makes you more in tune with yourself. Then head for breakfast where you are served curd made from pure milk, and barley bread ground in the water wheel grinding machine.

After breakfast relish the invigorating sunshine or push yourself to a mountain trek over some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. Lunch at a monastery or by a river, dipping ones feet into a natural pedicure in icy fresh river streams. End your day with another evening Yoga session – or a contemplative evening by a bonfire – while Sonam Togochypa entralls you with stories about the mountains and Ladakhi culture!

Discover the Ladakhi Culture

Dreaming already? Wait there’s more. Sonam’s family is one of the traditional families of Ladakh – his home goes back over 400 years! Sonam does not want the visitor to go back with just a glimpse of the mountains – his mission is to have people have a greater understanding of Ladakhi culture – one of the richest and oldest cultures of the world – which derives its roots in Tibet.

Sonam’s passion takes you on a journey of the culture customs and traditions of Ladakh – more as a friend than a paid guide – as you experience the religion customs and traditions of this fantastic, quiet but entrepreneurial community.

So breathe in positivity, happiness and a new sense of being – breathe out stress, and all the challenges that come with living a busy city life. The World’s Highest Yoga Studio at the Togocheepa Eco Hotel takes you to the next level in consciousness.

Together, say Aummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Connect with the Togocheepa Eco Hotel by going to the website: or call Sonam on +919419178885, +919596811940

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