Episode 28: Dr. Jagadish Rohira, Comedian Ahmed Shariff and Mr Garg & Dr. Babina (Jindal Naturecure Institute)


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Dr. Jagadish Rohira. He has had a dental practice in New York, with a satellite office in Rochester for 16 years, before moving to India’s IT capital, Bangalore. He continues to have a valid license to practice in the US and visits that country annually to take his continuing education credits. Contact him at or

Comedian Ahmed Shariff is popular on the Mumbai and Bangalore circuit. Reach him at

Started as ‘The Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences’ in 1978, today’s Jindal Naturecure Institute(JNI) is a modern-day, specialty charitable naturopathy hospital in an eco friendly campus of 100 acres of lush greenery in Bangalore. Run by Sitaram Jindal Foundation (a Charitable Trust), it provides treatments for relief, prevention and cure of specific diseases through a non- invasive, drugless therapy which combines Indian nature cure with yoga and other drugless regimens, namely, diet therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and Vega therapy (Germany). The Institute accepts, encourages and provides diagnosis only through scientific methods with modern medical equipments. Go to their website at

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