Envisage Designs Easy to Change Office Layouts for the New Hybrid Model of Work


Small scale offices have risen to an increasing demand in the current times. The advent of the pandemic, the sudden growth in small businesses and the boom in startups have all made the need for small offices evident. After schools, offices were affected the most due to the lockdown that followed twice in one year. Now that offices have gradually started to open, the ‘hybrid mode’ is becoming common by the day. With changing times and uncertainty, Envisage, an architecture and interior design firm in Gurugram, has come up with a curated design solution for offices that is flexible, adaptable, and customizable.

Sequoia, an office with the comfort of a home

The flexibility is attained by designing two options – One with the current usage of the office and another with provisions for expanded use. A fluid office module can be obtained with a steady template for MEP services that can fit both maximum and minimum usage, making returning to workspaces more delightful. This can also lead to economic sustainability with low labour costs, low material costs, low consumption of time- all lead to lowering the construction cost of the building.

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They have successfully executed this concept in a recent office named Sequoia in Gurugram. Elements such as bare ceilings, loose furniture and strategic placement of MEP services create a module that can be quickly implemented initially and easily expanded when needed. “This two-option approach towards new office designs is a smooth, hassle-free and adaptable technique for offices that have adopted the hybrid mode of work. Even for small scale companies that have the scope for a future expansion this approach comes in economical,” says Meena, Design head and Partner at Envisage.

Their designs keep partitions to the bare minimum to avoid claustrophobia amidst the pandemic. Prefabricated material such as dry walls makes a perfect option for partitions. In addition, acoustic home panels, acoustic fabric panels, mineral wool, fibreglass are some of the top options they consider. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations

These walls thus aid rearrangement, dismantling for future expansion and hassle-free construction. Drywalls are also a sustainable construction method for interiors as once dismantled, they can also be reused to build new walls.

This arrangement for a flexible and easily alterable design can easily be achieved for small and large scale offices. Keeping in mind what is most important to the nature of work to the office and other secondary spaces, alteration is possible even in the absence of an interior designer.

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