Entrepreneurs CREATED here! Two successful LSE graduates are ‘virtually’ creating Start-Up leaders!


The Startupreneur recently graduated 25 first time entrepreneurs virtually through the global Venturer Program. The program which is the brainchild of two graduates of the London School of Economics (LSE), Aakarsh and Adhikar Naidu has been imparting a global entrepreneurship experience owing to its experiential curriculum, global mentors and a diverse cohort. The Startupreneur Venturer is an entrepreneurship experience program that introduces aspiring entrepreneurs to crucial concepts of starting up and entrepreneurship. This program is a unique blend of an online experiential platform, coupled with Masterclasses, carefully curated and delivered by the experts of London School of Economics, Harvard, Cambridge and IIM Bangalore to name a few.

The true essence of this program is the knowledge exchange and sharing between participants coming from varied backgrounds. The program saw the participation of graduates and students from Bhutan, Kenya, the UK, USA and India, as well as, working professionals; each of whom brought years of experience and the drive to learn to the table. The cohort brought different perspectives to the program giving it a truly global angle but also because of their ability to make the best of their diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

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The masterclasses have been especially prominent in the program, as they introduced the participants to niche concepts of startups through experts, who did not only share key insights with the participants but also interacted with them through break-out room sessions. Activities, being an important aspect of the masterclasses coalesced the course understanding and the practical essence of business for the participants. Having worked on a plethora of activities through the Startupreneur online platform, these first-time entrepreneurs also went on to create proposals and pitch decks that have given an edge to their business propositions. The program did not only see the creation of business ideas but also enhanced existing businesses through mentorship and guidance, enabling these entrepreneurs to acquire funding opportunities for their startups.

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The high point of the program was the blend of technology and service solutions that the participants proposed. GURAM for instance, an authentic Bhutanese candy-making business, is revamping business, as the founder, Phuntshok is meeting investors with a full-fledged proposal post the program; Swachh, a breath analyser founded by Vishnu Vardhan, secured the desired funding after preparing the pitchdeck in this program; Vaximum, the brainchild of Dr. Murthy, a paediatrician by profession, is changing the entire experience of vaccinations by making it accessible, affordable and accountable; Drizzle by Sohan Rai, an umbrella sharing model employing IoT is India’s first umbrella sharing service. It is currently in the PoC stage and a few iterations away from becoming a full-fledged brand.

The program had no dearth of technology solutions, be it AR Tourism, TRAVELAR, founded by Karma Jamtsho, AI-enabled companion, ENOLA.TON 1, the business idea of Harshitha Rajbabu. A domestic Aggregator, GANGUTAI, a Business Idea inspired by Atharv’s own pain points or Health and Personal Care Category products like Confidence, a sustainable Adult diaper alternative, a product idea of Swagata Basak from a corporate background. The program also had students addressing Agronomics, like Aishwarya, the co-founder of Mushroom Mania which is a social enterprise involved in Mushroom cultivation from Agricultural waste. The transformation experienced first-hand by these budding entrepreneurs secure the belief of EdTech platforms like the Venturer in imparting a quality learning experience, utilising virtual connectedness!
The involvement of professionals from i-TTO, FITT, IIT Delhi also added a whole new outlook, as the team led by Pooja Bhatia was keen on understanding the internal workings of start-ups to gain insights on how their organisation could create meaningful connections with entrepreneurs. This perspective added a completely new dimension to the program and indicated that this avenue is not just limited to entrepreneurs, but is open to a truly versatile group of people and use cases.

“My brother and I have spent over a year working on the various aspects of this program, from the curriculum to the masterclasses and I really am overjoyed to see this program come to fruition. Given my experience of running the Startup Incubator at IIM Bangalore; I could see the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and I thought that this experience was something that should not be overlooked for first-time founders”, said Aakarsh Naidu, the CEO and Co-Founder of The Startupreneur.

“As the post-covid world sets in; we wanted to make sure the lockdown phase for a lot of the people wouldn’t stagnate the months of work they’ve put in; therefore we designed this platform to uplift upcoming entrepreneurs by helping them progress during in this unprecedented situation.” said Adhikar Naidu, COO and Co-Founder of The Startupreneur.
With the intention of revolutionising the way entrepreneurship and innovation programs are delivered; the founders crafted an experience for first-time entrepreneurs extending over the course of two months. As stated by the founders, success to this program has not been the number of certificates it has conferred upon the participants, but the long-term impact it’s creating by enabling the transformation of wantrepreneurs toward Startupreneurship.

The Startupreneur® which is a UK based EdTech venture co-founded by two alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE), Aakarsh Naidu and Adhikar Naidu, is revolutionising the way Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs are delivered across the globe.

Aakarsh Naidu, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Startupreneur is a global Start-up enabler. He was in charge of one of India’s top start-up incubators, NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore and has also led the Start-up Programs for Facebook in India and South Asia before starting this venture to support entrepreneurs.

Adhikar Naidu, the Co-Founder and COO of the Startupreneur has worked with Goldman Sachs in their Bangalore and New York offices, covering their hedge funds and private equity businesses. He has also been in charge of the Strategy, Investments and Due Diligence at Keiretsu Forum, a global Angel Investor Network. He decided to start this venture to help start-ups be investment ready.

The next cohort of the Startupreneur Venturer Program is coming together in January 2021. To know more, visit

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