Ekta Manchanda: Joins as Global Personal Styling Editor

Ekta Manchanda

Ekta Manchanda’s role as the personal style editor of is to empower the reader to define and create their individual style, based on the perception they want to create about themselves.

She does this by applying her inherent knowledge of image building and styling after having worked with several fashion retail brands over the last 12 years.

Ekta Manchanda: The Diva, now also a Style Editor

Part of her role was to art direct and define looks on which the brands were built. Based in Bangalore, she has worked with brands pan India and Internationally. Some retail brands that she has closely worked with are Bangalore Central, Pantaloons and several fashion startups. Her work has led her to deep research in understanding trends based on which, powerful imagery was built for a target audience.

Her current method involves understanding the core personality of a client and create a style/look that seamlessly blends into them.
“Personal style and fashion aesthetics can never be force fitted and has to emerge from you. My role as a style consultant is to facilitate and assist you in your journey to discover your own personal style. Self study and awareness is a huge part of this process.” she says.

Ekta Manchanda is all style always!

She believes that style has three core defining factors: Classic, contemporary and culture. Classic is the core that you stand for, contemporary is your current context and culture are your roots. A fine balance of these 3Cs defines the personal style of individual clients.

Ekta Manchanda knows how to get glances, even while shopping!

Her methodology is to work like a collaborator with her clients and evolve their style in a step by step fashion. It is a process that allows for easing into your journey.

Everybody needs a sense of personal style. It helps you define your personality. It’s the message that you want to send out to the world without the use of words.

She can be reached at:

Ekta Manchanda, Bangalore
Insta: @ekta_thats_me

Pics courtesy : Eli Smitt, Goa
Insta : @eli_smitt

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