Diwali has gone global! Check out these wishes from around the world!


Diwali is emerging as a global festival. This can be seen when several top world leaders, be it the American President, Canadian as well as British PM, leading Royalty from the UAE and others sharing warm Diwali wishes.

This also illustrates the keenness of the world towards Indian culture and values. It also shows the respect the Indian diaspora has earned globally.

This trend of wishing on Indian festivals has been increasing over the last few years and it must certainly be welcomed.

The United Nations takes a lead in greeting on Diwali

(United Nations)

(UN Secretary General)

President Trump and PM Johnson share their wishes

(President of the United States)

(Prime Minister of United Kingdom)

Prince of Wales greetings on Diwali

Leading Royalty from UAE and great friends of India wish on Diwali

(Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi)

(UAE Govt)

(His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of UAE)

Wishes pour in from Canada, Australia and Singapore

(Prime Minister of Canada)

(Prime Minister of Australia)

(Prime Minister of Singapore)

Our neighbourhood too marks Diwali in a big way

(The President of Sri Lanka)

(Prime Minister of Sri Lanka)

(Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius)

Nations with high Indian diaspora like Kenya also share wishes

(President of Kenya)

Others Leader’s greetings on Diwali

(Chancellor of Austria)

(President of Ireland)

(First Minister of Wales)

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