Amazingly SIMPLE DIWALI decorating IDEAS, that will make your home go WOW!

Diwali Interior

India’s leading Interior Designer Bhavisha Sidhpura Patel gives you Diwali decorating ideas, that will make your home, like that of a celebrity! At a fraction of the cost!

Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year & more so considering the times we all over the world have collectively faced. Diwali, the festival of lights is just around the corner! And true to its spirit, we begin our article with styling tips for lighting, followed by other décor tips for this festival of lights which will jazz up your home with the right mood.


Diyas remain a favourite and should be used to keep up with our traditions. Also it helps the artisans with their livelihood. Economical, sustainable and earthy. Diyas remain the first choice every season. But you don’t need to keep it plain and boring. Do some DIY. Paint them; embellish them with beads, mirror pieces, laces, metal motifs. Let your imagination take over.


Spruce up your home with not just Diyas. Create and assortment of ways to illuminate the space. And that’s where candles come in. LED candles with moving flame can look very attractive and also so fuss free. No grease of oil, no fear of the wind blowing out the flames, and no hazard for those with kids running around. Tea lights work as much convenient option as inserts for diyas if you don’t want to work with oils and wick and the mess that comes with it.


Adding string lights on windows are the best way to announce that the celebrations have begun. A variety of attractive string lights are available. Subtle fairy lights to different design options that include stars, flowers, spheres and many more.

Place the LED candles at the base of the plants and trees in your homes to give it a dramatic illumination. This would look great for outdoor plants too.

If you have a balcony or a patio or any outdoor space, Tiki-Torches look splendid and give an unconventional & contemporary look to the space. Floor Candle stands would do a good job too.

Placing hurricane lamps or jars with fairy lights/ string lights would add the extra oomph. One can also add flowers to them to create more drama.



These beautiful Urlis are conventionally available in Brass, but one can use any wide bowl to serve the purpose. While earthen and brass urlis are a tradition, one can use glass or ceramic bowls and fill it with water and flowers and candles floating to create a charismatic look. Place it at the entrance or next to the couch on a stand or if it’s a smaller bowl, it would look just perfect on the center table.


Flowers bring life into any space they are used in. Bring them in your homes and use it not just for vases, but also in the form of wall hangings and rangoli. Marigold is the flower of choice for quintessential Indian décor. String of marigold adorning the walls and entrances of the home will automatically give you the festive feels. Use the petals of flowers in trays, bowls, rangoli and also around your diya & candle placements.


Trays have moved on from being just an item to carry food to an important statement of décor. Available in wooden, mirror, leather & rattan finishes, they help organize the coffee table pieces at the same time render their own aesthetic. Group together some coffee table books and candles along with a vase or a small planter and/or an artifact and Voila! The perfect center table is set.


One doesn’t realize that just by dressing the cushions with an embellished cover could change the way how your couch looks! There’s an array of styles and materials for cushions out there that could uplift the whole décor of the living room. Velvets, silk, embroidered, metallic foils, the list goes on. Use them sparingly on couches and beds and throw a good runner and the festive mood is set. If having a Diwali party with more people, spread out a good carpet or a rug and lay some throw cushions and it would be the perfect set for a few games of cards for the night.


Not just lights, Diwali is also about sweets and lip-smacking food. A good way to serve it in style is to put the cake stands to good use here. A multiple tiered cupcake stand would help compartmentalize the assortment of snacks and sweets and also manage to make your coffee table set up look sophisticated. Even if it’s a single-tiered stand, it would still look glamorous. Add a cloche to it and make it a step better. Place vibrant colored votive on the table to add color to the décor.


What better way than the enchanting fragrances taking over your senses as soon as you enter a space? Bring in some potpourri or reed diffusers or air fresheners in your homes to add an extra dimension to the festive spirit. Jasmine, lavender, citrus, ocean are just a few of the whole lot that’s available out there to help your house not just look but smell delicious as well!

ACCENTS & ACCESSORIES: Brass & silver take the top spot during Diwali. Get the heirlooms out and use them sparingly all over the space. Urlis, diyas, statuettes, platters, bowls; everything adds the right element to the traditional Diwali aesthetic. If not the brass or silver, glass, ceramic and stone accents work its charm just as much.

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel is one of India’s best interior designers, a magician with colors and shapes. Instinctively creative, she blends the artistic with the practical – to create spaces that energise both mind and body. Read more about her here.

She can be reached at, or at +919619192978

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