Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel: Joins as Global Interior Design Editor

Bhavisha Patel

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel joins as the Global Interior Design Editor, and will lend her expertise in helping the world better understand cutting edge and functional interior design.

She is the co-owner of Vipul Bhavisha Designs in Mumbai, India, that has turned many a mundane spaces into sumptuous and luxurious environments. She has worked on several Retail, Commercial & Residential projects for over a decade since their firm was founded.

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel specializes in design solutions for all areas of interior and space design. She has worked on several projects translating client’s ideas into successful spaces, where aesthetics and functionality work in tandem with each other.

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel

Her design principles are based along the lines of contemporary style and minimalism with a strong appreciation for functionality teamed with timeless sophistication. Fusing classic design blended with modern elements to create harmonious spaces, both relaxed and timeless is her forte.

Art Station: India’s Premier Art Retail Destination, designed by Bhavisha!

She believes a good design is a harmonious and delicate blend of eclectic design concepts with the client’s personal touch and a strong attention for detail.

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel is passionate about styling her projects well with a discerning eye for a fresh concept. A good design always influences the people living in them in a positive way.

When designing a space, creating a persona around the design helps build the concept that perfectly fits the individuals occupying the space. Creating a vision keeping in mind the owners personality and marrying it with visions the clients bring with them is what kick starts the conceptualization of each project.

Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel is changing the paradigm of interior design in India

A good design will never be dull. It will be oddly calming yet scream of passion that went into its design.

She can be reached at:, or at +919619192978

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