DataSwitch-Voracity Combo Modernizes Data Engineering, Security & Self-Service BI


DataSwitch, a no-code platform provider for digital data transformation, and Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company), a leading ISV in data manipulation and masking, and, have partnered to create an end-to-end, multi-featured metadata and data engineering environment to: convert legacy data and ETL tools, create and orchestrate data integration jobs with AI, mask PII, and wrangle data in business-friendly ways for analytics.

The strategic alliance underway involves deep levels of metadata and operational integration that leverage the front-end ergonomic and functional strengths of DataSwitch IP, and the back-end data transformation speed and security strengths of the IRI Voracity data management software. Both companies and their partners can sell and support an on-premise or AWS web server “data buffet” for:

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Legacy Data Modernization

supporting the ergonomic migration of schema, data, and ETL processes from older data warehouses and ETL tools, to modern, Voracity-powered cloud data warehouses and data integration services. For example, SQL or Informatica data mapping jobs can be quickly and accurately converted to faster and more affordable Voracity ETL jobs orchestrated in Apache Airflow.

Self-Service Data Engineering

enabling business users to simplify both structured and unstructured data integration and security through data catalogs and predictive data mapping which results in domain-specific, Voracity-powered process automation and security. For example, beyond DBs and EDI files, users can graphically parse and structure PDF data, then map, mask, munge, and mine it. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm.

Data Democratization

featuring a conversational, AI-driven “Data-as-a-Service” to streamline and drive data and analytics consumption across the enterprise. For example, business users can ingest and integrate data in a Voracity-populated and -regulated data lake to feed their chosen analytic target. This solution will address a global big data and analytics market growing annually at 12.8% through 2025 (source: IDC 8/2021).

Between the DIY data management that DataSwitch offers in the cloud, and the proven performance of Voracity in data integration, cleansing, and masking, the combined offering will provide a uniquely powerful, end-to-end solution for managing and leveraging data, according to DataSwitch President Karthikeyan Viswanathan. “ETL and BI users can migrate from a legacy data warehouse or build a modern production analytics platform with speed, compliance, and extensibility,” he said.

IRI Voracity SVP David Friedland agreed and added that DataSwitch introduces web-facing user management and job design ergonomics to the Voracity data manipulation, masking, munging, and mining engine, as well as deep learning, graphical lineage, central monitoring, and more. “With our agile teams and affordable technologies interfacing smoothly, we can provide an all-inclusive system for more BI/DW end-users needing state-of-the-art solutions to their many data management challenges,” he observed.

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