Cygnet Infotech becomes an OpenPeppol member.


Cygnet Infotech, a leading technology organization, is now registered as an OpenPeppol member. OpenPeppol organization provides services for e-procurement solutions to standardize formats and exchange the necessary documents between businesses in the most secure manner. OpenPeppol has members in 41 countries, 32 of these are European countries, and the rest are Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, and now India, after Cygnet Infotech became a member.

Industries across the globe face multiple challenges in document exchange since they have their own set of standard formats, different document exchange protocols, and multiple ways of testing messages, and the validity of the data. To eliminate these challenges Peppol’s four-corner model enables direct access to buyers & sellers for standard documents to be exchanged securely via direct Access Points. For example, exporters from any European country will now be able to generate e-Invoices from any local regulatory compliance specific formats like HMRC for UK, National Revenue Administration for Poland and others to Peppol compliant formats within minutes.

“Countries across globe are moving towards e-Invoicing compliance. Therefore, supporting Peppol framework within our solutions is the foundation to build and enable e-Invoicing solutions for all countries. Multi-National Corporations and exporters will now have the opportunity to leverage us as a Peppol Access Point and trade with ease. This move will go hand-in-hand with our global tax compliance and automation solutions like euVAT, e-Invoicing, & other tech-enabled products for Europe, GCC, India, and other countries,” said Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and Managing Director of Cygnet Infotech.

Peppol membership is a milestone for Cygnet Infotech towards becoming an Access Point i.e., certified Peppol service provider. Once the company’s enterprise resource planning ERP is integrated through an Access Point, it can exchange invoice documents with other companies which are on similar network. This has significant cost savings for the companies.

Exporters will be enabled to exchange Peppol compliant invoice documents from their ERPs, the source of e-Invoice data. This will ease transactions with buyers connected to the Peppol Network in many countries as Peppol continues to expand globally.

With OpenPeppol membership and Cygnet Infotech’s presence in the UK & Europe regions, Cygnet Infotech aims to ease & automate data imports, simplify compliance, and make it easier to exchange documents.

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