Cannes Lions 2023: How Red Bull Racing continues to better their performance!

Red Bull Racing

If you see Red Bull winning and increasing their lead, its not just because of the improved hardware. Its also the improved mindset.

The mind and mental preparedness play a significant role in extreme sports performance. Extreme sports often require intense focus and concentration to navigate challenging environments and execute complex maneuvers. Mental preparedness helps athletes maintain focus amid distractions and stay fully engaged in the present moment, enhancing their performance and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Extreme sports provide an opportunity to experience a state of flow, where athletes are fully immersed in the activity, lose track of time, and perform at their peak. Mental preparedness can help athletes enter the flow state by eliminating distractions, promoting focus, and enhancing the enjoyment and engagement in the activity. In this state, athletes can achieve optimal performance and tap into their full potential.

Ground + Air has helped Red Bull Racing in achieving just this.

“So what we have been doing is working with a very well known branch Red Bull Racing with their esports team and we be able to self awareness ability to manage their emotions on the pressure the ability to communicate more effectively as a team” says Joe Davies, Senior consultant & Performance Coach at Ground + Air.

Ground + Air also works with individuals, turning them into leaders.

Speaking to Karnvir Mundrey, Editor Joe said: “Let’s say an individual leader within an organization, we would work with them to discuss what their challenges were, where their opportunities might lie to improve their performance and well being, and from there we will work together over a number of sessions, possibly 4 sessions possibly.”

Coaching is being seen more and more as a key component to performance of both the individual and the organisation.

Even Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc., had an executive coach. During his time at Apple, Jobs sought guidance from several mentors and coaches to help him develop his leadership skills and refine his management style.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Bill Campbell

One of his notable coaches was Bill Campbell, often referred to as “The Coach of Silicon Valley.” Campbell served as an executive coach and mentor to many prominent tech leaders, including Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt. Jobs had a close relationship with Campbell and often sought his advice on various aspects of running Apple. Campbell’s coaching and mentorship played a significant role in Jobs’ personal and professional growth.

An executive coach serves as a trusted advisor and partner, working collaboratively with individuals to maximize their performance, achieve their goals, and drive personal and professional growth. Ground + Air, and their impact on Red Bull Racing is proof!

Joe Davies, Performance Ground + Air is speaking at the Cannes Lions 2023 festival this June! The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has championed creative excellence since 1954, providing the definitive benchmark for creativity that drives progress, globally.

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