Bitget Ranks As The Top Crypto Derivatives Exchange With 0 Trading Fees.


 Digital asset exchange Bitget now ranks 3rd globally as the biggest derivatives trading platform after Binance and FTX.US according to data provided by Coingecko. This comes aligned with the recent zero trading fee feature on spot tradings which have been implied for all Bitget users, allowing them a cost-efficient point of entry into crypto.

With no trading fees, Bitget leads to counteract unfavorable market conditions by rewarding customers and encouraging newcomers into the cryptocurrency trading space.

Bitget aims to help experienced crypto investors with high trading volumes while also giving new entrants the means to enter and profit from the market by eliminating trading costs and inventing distinct incentives to trade and earn.

According to Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, “Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting recognized as advances in crypto have expedited its visibility to more mainstream audiences. They can help portfolios become more diversified and act as a hedge against rising inflation”.

The platform also hosts a number of spot market benefits like 50% off popular currency purchases, airdrops, and a prize pool of 1 million BGB.

“With the exclusive perks, traders are in a better position to capture the window of opportunity even during a market downturn,” Chen added.

When compared with global popular exchanges, Bitget stands as one of the strongest players with global compliance, and best-in-industry product security.

Comparison of Bitget Vs Other Crypto Derivatives Exchanges

ComplianceGlobal compliance: US, Canada, AustraliaNot available for UK and US usersNo US licenseUnder Global ScrutinyNo US licenseNo US license
Security compromiseNo recordNo recordNo recordHacked in 2019Hacked in 2020 and 2021Hacked in 2019
Native TokenBGBnoneMXBNBKCSnone
Trading Fee reduction for exchange’s native tokenYESNONOYESYESNO
Trading Pairs250+15250+250+750+7
Algorithmic tradingYESYESNONOYESYES
Spot Feesmaker/taker0%/0%0%/0%0%/0%0.1%/0.1%0.1%/0.1%0.01%/0.05%
Trading pairs covered by zero-fee trading programApplied to all trading pairsApplied to all trading pairsApplied to all trading pairs(excluding ETF trading)Only applied to BTC pairs and ETH/BUSDNoneNone
Daily withdrawal limit* Without KYC: Value of 20 BTC* With KYC: Value of 200 BTC* Without KYC:Value of 2 BTC* With KYC: Value of 50 BTC* Without KYC:Value of 10 BTC* With KYC: Value of 80 BTC* Without KYC:Value of 0.06 BTC* With KYC: Value of 100 BTC* Without KYC:Value of 2 BTC* With KYC: Value of 100 BTC* Without KYC:Value of  BTC* With KYC: Value of  BTC
Ongoing perks* Prize pool worth $300,000 for new users* Upto 100% APY on Savings* 1 Million BGB Trading Bonus* 50% OFF Cryptos* VIP2 Upgrade Exclusive Offer* Up to 12% APY on Savings*10 USDT bonus for new users*Prize Pool 4,000 USDT bonus*Upto $100 referral bonus*Prize pool worth $50,000 for new usersnone

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