Bhawana Bhatnagar: Joins as the Global Design Editor


The entrepreneur is an interior stylist and founder of Casa Exotique.

Bhawana Bhatnagar design is inspired by the notes of a piano. The highs and lows of the symphonies, bringing together the right notes, hitting the crescendos, and pulling subtly the lower notes.

Bhawana Bhatnagar

When she was younger, Bhawana has been almost a prodigy – magical on many musical instruments; especially piano and her acting skills are appreciated by many veteran theatre personalities, time and again. The thespian has played many leading roles in classic Shakespeare dramas such as Jocasta in Oedipus Rex and Desdemona in Othello. And, for these stunning performances, she was conferred upon with many national awards.

As she grew older, she finds the passion of creating functional design, equally challenging and rewarding. She creates symphonies of shape, color and form. She is known to blend behavioral science with an understanding of practicality. And bringing in the best of ideas from around the world.

From a rural childhood to a global citizen today – Bhawana has spanned the world absorbing the intricacies, vibes and colors of rural India – and the buzz and electrifying pace of the cities. Like no other, she blends the calmness of the rural, with the intensity of the urban. She believes she creates art – that people live or work in. Art that draws people into their fold – while they live their lives.

Bhawana believes every aspect of design has an influence on the people, and their emotions who are surrounded by it. Like notes in a symphony – the design can uplift, calm, excite or relax. Almost like magic.

But when Bhawana isn’t being a magician with material, she has a sharp business mind – which understands people, and balance sheets! Bhawana has completed the Executive Programme in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) where she has sharpened her skills in International Business Management, Foreign Trade, Overseas Procurement, and Offshore Resource Management.

Bhawana has been intrumental in a bit of cultural resurgence to designs from around the world. She blends Indian with Spainish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Moroccon, and Chinese designs. Blending them like a Mozart symphony!

A magician, a musician with materials. Thats Bhawana Bhatnagar. She can be reached at

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