Berno: The Musician and Fashion Guru


By: Alexa Caroline Modugno

Berno is someone who can’t be overlooked, his distinctively vogueish style  never fails to attract a sea of stares among pedestrians and passerbyers alike. Fashion personality and styling guru, Berno has worked on various shoots with magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle and Spindle (just to name a few) as both stylist and model.

Demanding attention with his mesmerizing features matched with utter outfit mastery, Berno has that “it” factor that many would enviably die to acquire. But his uniquely endearing, captivating and spellbinding demeanor is not something that can be acquired, it is something he was born with.

Berno: defining fashion

Growing up from a Haitian background, he was exposed to the arts and always surrounded by a creative environment. Throughout his life, he experimented with a myriad of different looks, going through phases of how he wanted to be perceived by others. Now finding comfort from within, in the way he dresses, he hopes to distinguish himself as an individual whose voice matters. 

Currently, he’s taking that creative energy into another art form dropping his newest hit single “High End” which was inspired by his “high end” lifestyle going to posh parties mingling with The Who’s who of the NYC social scene. 

Berno’s aim in his song is to convey that it is not the labels you wear that makes you high end, but rather the essence of the fashion “personality”.

His project “No Dress Code” invites fashionistas and party-goers to wear whatever they like as a reflection of their core being, whether they show up wearing all Tory Burch, a pink leotard or with a dead pigeon on their head. In a world where people are pressured to live up to a certain standard of achievement, No dress code invites people to show up as themselves, and that’s what Berno is doing as he navigates his new role as a musician, and his continuation as a fashion personality. Shout out to NYC Fashion week attendees, Berno knows how to turn the runway into gold. Listen out for of “high end” .

His continual dedication to his craft, his tenacity and his astounding sense of self, make him well equipped to be a success in the industry. Typically a fixture at parties, now with Corona he is taking a step back and focusing on himself and promoting “High End”, a soon-to-be hit.

The attention he gets is warranted, as his persona is contagious and elusive, his fashion attention-grabbing. His star energy is intoxicating and he is destined for a future of great success. If you spot Berno at a club, party or even on the street, he will leave a lasting impression. Truly unforgettable, he exercises tremendous grit as he promotes “High End” and his success…inevitable.

Alexa Caroline Modugno is the US Consulting Associate Editor. An NYU graduate, she was a viola performance major with a minor in French studies. She currently also works as an arts journalist and culture editor of Frontrunner Magazine where she has interviewed and featured many prominent figures in the arts, film and music world. She also has an active role in the film scene, working as an actress for several indie films and has been a Q&A moderator, film judge and presenter for Winter Film Awards and Chelsea Film Festival. More about her here.

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Alexa Caroline Modugno: Joins as the US Consulting Associate Editor

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