AskSid launches its product recommendation feature to boost customer conversions and sales for retailers.


AskSid AI, a leading global conversational customer service provider, today announced the launch of its product recommendation feature as part of its digital shopping assistant and AI solutions suite. A massive step forward that will help retail brands deliver exceptionally bespoke customer experiences, more effectively and efficiently. With the addition of this product recommendation feature, AskSid’s digital shopping assistant can help brands provide instant product recommendations even before a customer poses a question, with exponential accuracy.

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In fact, one of AskSid’s live implementations of this feature is for a European luxury e-retailer in the Netherlands with close to 1,000 successful product recommendations delivered. With this, AskSid has cracked the code to customized responses tailored to every e-commerce user’s needs.×280&!2&fsb=1&xpc=j9Z8miXFLm&p=https%3A//

Head Held High Foundation celebrates 10 years of serving marginalized rural communities.

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Head Held High Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working towards poverty alleviation and empowerment of rural youth and communities, completes a decade of impact this year.

The NGO is now looking to leverage the lessons of the first ten years to set more ambitious goals for the next ten. A collaborative approach that draws on the strengths of the entire ecosystem is key to enabling this. To coincide with its 10th anniversary on November 30, Head Held High is launching a year-long campaign titled ‘The Power of Possibilities’. With regular panel discussions, program insights and community-centric solutions, the campaign will engage current and potential partners in answering the question: what can we collectively work towards in the next decade?×280&!3&fsb=1&xpc=R5EadO6guH&p=https%3A//

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In the past decade, Head Held High has reached more than 200,000 rural youth with interventions focused on training, skilling, mentoring, and livelihood development. It runs these interventions in 100+ districts across India, many of them in places that are lagging with respect to key socio-economic indicators.×508&!5&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=SNBcCGhiJE&p=https%3A// is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations

This new feature extrapolates user data and signals from every interaction to predict preferences and then recommend products, colors, brands, sizes, and more. These recommendations can be based on anything from the customers’ selection of a particular product, color, the addition of a product to their cart, or even based on a question asked regarding a specific product or range of products.

Based on the extracted information, AskSid’s product recommendation model builds up a robust profile of the customer with a deep understanding of their needs and likes and products that could potentially be exciting to them.

Not only does this feature help break any friction in the purchasing journey by reducing the factor of product discovery stress, but it also leverages current trends and buying patterns to provide seamless shopping experiences via personalized recommendations. The latter is especially useful when interaction data on the customer in question is limited or inconclusive, allowing the brand to continue offering personalized support, no matter what.

Dinesh Sharma, CTO & Co-founder at AskSid says, “Our product recommendation feature is built to support constant feedback into our AI models that are constantly self-learning directly from the source of information – the user, to become smarter, more intuitive, and accurate with time.”

With this new addition, AskSid reinforces its position as a retail intelligence specialist that goes beyond just building chatbots – with a true and clear focus on building engaging and seamless online and offline shopping experiences for retailers the world over.

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TFPR Editorial

Head Held High Foundation celebrates 10 years of serving marginalized rural communities.

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