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Are full face breathers the future post COVID?

Nevon Breather mask for COVID

For almost a year now, India along with rest of the world has been witnessing a never ending loop of lockdowns and unlocks. Every time a city/country unlocks, a process of gradually increasing COVID spread initiates leading to the next lockdown. The key to breaking this cycle, some believe lies in every individual efficiently protecting their nose, eyes and mouth from COVID viruses at all times outside. This task can only be achieved when using a full face breather that is efficient yet comfortable to use over longer durations.

Neeraj Sawant, CEO of Mumbai firm, Nevon Solutions that develops full face Nevon Air Breathers, claims that full face breather masks can stop COVID from spreading without the need for lockdowns.

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According to Neeraj Sawant, a next-generation full face mask is urgently needed, despite the emergence of vaccines. The reason we are unable to stop the COVID spread is because of inadequate protection. The existing masks in use include the N95 type (high filtration) masks and the cloth masks. Cloth masks offer minimum efficacy in protection against COVID viruses. While N95 type masks have the ability to block viruses and bacteria, the fatigue and breathing problem caused by wearing these high filtration masks for longer durations leads to people gasping for breath and eventually letting their guard down. COVID-19 experts are very worried about the next surge.

Existing masks have another significant drawback that is not protecting the eyes, even with an added face shield. The shields are open to the air on three sides, which exposes the eyes to infection. This is a true concern for contagion based on medical data where medical professionals have been informing the community that the Covid-19 virus can be so contagious that even eyes can be vulnerable to disease. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm!

As per Sawant, “To stop the spread of COVID we simply need to filter air reaching our mouth, nose as well as eyes. Another reason is to make the mask comfortable for breathing as well as wearing for longer periods of time, these are the simple facts that were used to design the breather mask. This new mask offers efficient protection for the nose, mouth and eyes and is also comfortable for the wearer for five to ten hours of use. Along with infections, it filters PM2.5 dust particles as well as gases and pollutants. The filters are not expensive and are made with the certified filters with active carbon filtration.” The new Nevon Air Mask is a game-changing innovation in COVID times, considering its ability to protect ones mouth, nose and eyes, all 3 entry points for a COVID infection.

Sawant shared, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that relying solely on vaccines with varying efficacy is better than some options but is not 100% solution to the pandemic. Numerous variants have spread globally, and medical experts agree that new variants are still mutating and changing the game again. The Nevon Air masks simply disallow any bacteria, virus to enter one’s body be it existing COVID strain or mutated strain or any other viruses yet to come. The added air booster sucks in air through the filters to avoid any air suction stress on one’s lungs making it very easy to breathe.”

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