Architecture MasterPrize honours Thomas Abraham’s Masterpiece!!


The brand, Thomas Abraham secures yet another award for his Bangalore-based Crystal architecture project, The Crystal Hall. Built over a period of five years, it has been winning several awards since its completion. 

American based award, The Architecture MasterPrize which was established in 2007 is known worldwide for recognizing and celebrating smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design.

Crystal Hall, made completely in glass is a one of its kind project which integrates sustainability, reuses material, and uses disadvantaged local talent. It has the world’s first residential windmill towers, proprietary use of two layers of high-performance recycled glass with a rainforest of non-invasive vegetation species within, thermal insulation technology & rainwater utilization — thus creating a glocal (global-local) building.

“Though I have designed several projects over the years, Crystal Hall will remain very close to my heart, as it pays tribute to multiple facets of my life, both personally and professionally. It applies principles that we architects learn during our first years of college – symmetry, balance, scale, unity, rhythm, and the proportions. There are also certain elements like the stepped well pool and minarets that I associate with my homeland, India,” smiles Thomas.

Thomas explains, “Architectural MasterPrize is something that I will always be honoured for. People ask me about the prize and then they want to know more about me. And that is what an award is supposed to do- open doors and in some cases even open hearts and for that, I will always be grateful to Architecture MasterPrize.”

Finally, this is a building of, for, and by nature. Sleeping in the bedroom feels like lounging in the woods, protected from the elements but in harmony with the universe.

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