Anthony Frattin: 9/11 BROKE his HEART. Now he heals by PAINTING them!

Anthony Frattin

By: Alexa Caroline Modugno

As an artist, tell me about the concept of the Tribeca art factory and how as an artist, you concocted it based on your own experiences as an artist.

I created the concept with my partner Adriane Ayma.

It’s a platform for emerging and established artists. A way to connect artists with the public with in a unique and experiencial way that is both efficient and respectful to the artist. Being respectful to the artist is our highest priority.

2. What is your background as an artist? How did you get started?

I’m a self taught artist, started painting as self therapy after surviving 9/11, yep, unfortunately I was there that morning.

3. What is significant about the hearts to you? How do you feel like they are connected to your innermost identity?

They are made with love. When I create them, I pull concepts out of each one as I develop each piece, fragmenting some parts and extending other parts until the piece sings to me.

4. What drives you as an artist? What is your inspiration to create?

For me art is about freedom. Freeing my mind. Thinking…and making something from nothing.

5. How did you get the idea to write poems attached to your artwork and what is the story behind that?

It’s kind of a self collaboration, and a way to mark how I feel about the piece in that moment in time.

6. Tell me about your project installing the art for the ceiling of the boutique. How did you get involved in that project and what was your inspiration for the conception?

Well, the owner is a fan of my work, and this is their first brick and mortar men’s boutique and flagship store in NYC. Which happens to be in a historic district on bleecker street. The owner has a strong sense of authenticity in his concept. The idea behind the the shop’s theme was to maintain the historic elements and therefore they wanted 100 year old aged copper ceilings. Which I painted on brand new shiny silver tin. I used a variety of techniques including planting soil as well as Spray paint techniques to achieve the look.

7. What are some future goals you have for the evolution of your artwork? Are you going to keep doing hearts or will you branch out?

I feel it’s a mistake for me to have rigid goals with art. I just try to stay present and open. The art makes itself.

View his art below:

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