Anand Rathi creates an industry-first rap-based ad campaign for investor education.


Anand Rathi Investment Services (Anand Rathi Share and Stock Brokers Limited), one of India’s leading full service brokers with a national presence has launched their first integrated campaign ‘Sahi Investing Ki Baat’ for investor awareness.

Many Gen Z and millennial investors have started showing interest in investing in the stock market. To provide them with information about the right investing techniques, etc., Anand Rathi has created a rap song, replete with a funky music video that features their employees — Siddharth Sedani (Head, Equity Products), Narendra Solanki (Head of Fundamental Research) and Mehul Kothari (AVP, Technical Research) grooving to the beat. These names, hitherto known for serious discussions about the markets on TV and in media updates, have turned wacky rappers for the video.

Devang Mehta, Head of Marketing, Anand Rathi Group, throwing light on the campaign, said, “We wish to impart investing wisdom to youngsters entering stock markets. We are keen that people entering the stock market should research before investing. We wanted to convey the information in a different and quirky way so that it may appeal to our younger audience. Written and curated by the In-house marketing team, this rap song is perhaps one of the first in the industry, which is perceived as serious and boring. With the rap song, we aim to disseminate an important message in an entertaining manner.

Turning our serious research heads into funky rappers was the campaign’s most challenging and exciting part. We are confident that the ‘Sahi Investing Ki Baat’ initiative will strike a chord with audiences and transmit our message of research being the right path.

Tuhin & Neel, Film & Creative Directors, Band-Stand Videos, the creators of the song and the video, said, “It has proved to be one of our most interesting and fulfilling assignments. The rap song was a creative challenge as the lyrics needed to deliver a serious message in a light-hearted manner without moving away from the objective of investor education. We are proud to have collaborated with Anand Rathi for creating one of India’s first pure rap ad campaigns for investor education.

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