An Innovative New Middle-Grade Series Combines Action-Packed Adventure Stories with Travel Facts from Cities Around the World


When it comes to globetrotting, the Lander family are a well-traveled bunch. Thanks to their parents’ far-reaching careers, brother and sister duo Tara and Neil have seen the world’s most iconic cities, immersing themselves in their cultures, visiting attractions and landmarks, and learning about its citizens—that is when they aren’t busy in eventful escapades along the way. With his new middle-grade series, Cities of Adventure, bestselling author Rishi Piparaiya turns the travel adventure book category on its head, providing fascinating facts and information against the backdrops of the world’s most traveled cities. 

Twelve-year-old Tara Lander and her ten-year-old brother Neil, along with their adorable Labrador, Sumo, are no strangers to intercontinental adventures. Their dad, a brilliant scientist, frequently travels the world giving talks and presentations at various conferences. Their mother, Amy Lander, is a renowned chef and food influencer and her projects regularly take her to exotic foreign locations. Between Mama’s work and Papa’s travels, the family has visited dozens of countries.

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Humor, mischievous capers, and thrilling drama permeate this fun and action-packed adventure series, brimming with fascinating facts about major international cities. The first four books, The Secret of the Snallygaster (Washington, D.C.), Framed in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California), The Race to Phar Lap’s Saddle (Melbourne, Australia), and The Men from B.A.G.E.L. (New York City, New York), masterfully written by bestselling author Rishi Piparaiya, have twists and turns, memorable characters, and abundant travel references that will instill young middle-grade readers with a love of exploration and reading. is powered by Atharva Marcom Public Relations – India’s smartest public relations firm.

An expert traveler, having visited nearly forty countries, Piparaiya prepared to write these books by traveling to more than fifty-five cities to research every attraction referenced in each story. He is supported by a global team of writers, researchers, and illustrators, who have helped make every book as authentic as possible. Each book includes a reference section highlighting key elements including the destination’s history, famous people, maps, local foods, and fun facts. Cities of Adventure books (, published by Mumbai-based Imaginara Legacies, are available now in leading online and physical bookstores. Additional books featuring Sydney, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Boston, London, Istanbul, and more are following soon.

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