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AMAZING: This BEAUTY QUEEN is saving the planet with her art! Meet LAUREN MCCLAFFERTY!

Lauren Mcclafferty

Endangered Animals. Vanishing species. Lauren Mcclafferty wants to save them. And she is doing it with her art!

Being “good to the world” is a family trait. Her father set up a Equine centre for children in Ireland, to help the less fortunate better adjust to the world.

Lauren partners with Audubon of the Western Everglades, an organisation that advocates for the conservation of the environment and wildlife throughout SouthWest Florida’s Western Everglades.

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Run by Eileen and Paul Arsenault they have made such a difference in educating the community about Florida’s beautiful landscape, and its wildlife, including the Gopher tortoise, the burrowing owl, and many more of Florida’s native birds and wildlife species. This year, Audubon has been educating the community through zoom meetings hosted by biologists here in Florida.

Lauren has been shadowing FWC seabird biologist, Brittany Piersma, who has taught her about Florida’s beautiful seabirds, and the importance of protecting their flocks, especially throughout their resting season.

“Learning about Florida’s natural landscape and the species within it, has given me an even greater appreciation for the environment,” says the ever-enthusiastic Lauren Mcclafferty.

“The Everglades and Florida’s environment provides the community with essential resources that we depend on daily, one being freshwater. I am so grateful to be working with Audubon, an organization that advocates for such an essential cause.”

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