Altimetrik inaugurates its 24,000 sq. ft. swanky office in Chennai.


Altimetrik, a leading Digital Business Enablement company inaugurated its newly renovated swanky office in Chennai for its growing talent base. The company transitioned into 100% work from home at the start of the pandemic and continues to operate in that mode. 

During the inauguration of their Chennai office, Raj S, CEO of Altimetrik, said, “Altimetrik’s revenue is growing at 50% year-on-year over the last few years, thanks to the incredible technology solutions our practitioners are delivering to enable some of the leading global brands to become digital businesses. India continues to be a major focus for talent as we grew our employee strength by 115% in the last two years. India hosts 80% of our global talent base and we aim to be 6,000+ strong in the country by the end of 2022. This new office and our offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Jaipur are testimonies to our focus on India and our commitment to our talent to provide the best-in-class workspaces.”

Altimetrik’s recent internal employee survey on working from office vs working from home revealed mixed responses. 42% of employees preferred to work from the office once a week while 17% preferred to work from the office for one whole week in a month.

Ranga R Kanapathy, Head of India Technology Center and APAC Business, said, “as a people-first organisation, we aim to provide a flexible working model where employees are able to balance their work-life and also continue delivering top quality solutions. At Altimetrik, we aim to transition into a structured hybrid working model where employees can work from office at a defined frequency and work from home for the rest of the days. Our scrum teams work on outcome-based solutions, with an agile, collaborative and practitioner-led engineering culture. The hybrid working model will complement their work style, enabling them to work in a model that best suits them.” 

Ranga further added, “Altimetrik is also setting up offices in Jaipur and Chandigarh, and is evaluating other tier 2 cities like Trivandrum, Calcutta and Coimbatore to enable employees to stay close to their families. We strongly believe that this model will be a win-win situation for all.

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