Alexa Caroline Modugno: Joins as the US Consulting Associate Editor

Alexa Caroline Modugno
Alexa Caroline Modugno

Alexa Caroline Modugno is a creative professional joins as Consulting Associate Editor. An NYU graduate, she was a viola performance major with a minor in French studies. She currently also works as an arts journalist and culture editor of Frontrunner Magazine where she has interviewed and featured many prominent figures in the arts, film and music world. She also has an active role in the film scene, working as an actress for several indie films and has been a Q&A moderator, film judge and presenter for Winter Film Awards and Chelsea Film Festival. 

She also has an extensive background in the art world, having worked at a variety of galleries in New York City as a curator and consultant, including Kush Fine Arts in Soho, Spinelli Galleries in Chelsea, and New York Art Center in Tribeca. Her knowledge of the art world is expansive, and served as a reporter for several art fairs including the Armory Show, making appearances at various gallery openings. Ultimately she aspires to be a humanitarian, with a mission to help young, emerging artists who come from low-income families and neighborhoods get their foot in the door in the art world, and get the visibility they need. 

Helping others is her passion, and at she looks to bring coverage to art and artists, raising awareness of the undiscovered talent and helping art & culture grow.

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