Aaron Paul: Pop star, Fashion Icon, Innovator

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

By: Alexa Caroline Modugno

A natural born star, when Aaron Paul walks into a room he demands attention with his alluring and captivating persona, having an energy that is both elusive and magnetic. With a fashion sense that is iconic, he is both an influencer and personality, making frequent appearances on the red carpet and getting snapped by the top photographers in the world. 

Aaron Paul

Popstar First!

However, first and foremost, Aaron identifies as a pop star, with a voice that carries and is so beautifully powerful and hypnotic, performing at venues all over New York City, art galleries, celebrity events and in the Hamptons. His career as a singer began at an early age when he was handpicked by Simon Cowell to be the lead singer of a boy band called Worlds Apart in his hometown of London, UK.

Aaron Paul

He came to New York to launch his career, and quickly made a name for himself, emerging as a critically acclaimed Solo Artist, Host and Author. With wide-acclaim as a performer and musician, he was scouted out for his astounding fashion sense and was selected to be a fashion cop for US Weekly. 

Aaron Paul

Delivering Chartbusters!

When Aaron Paul came out with his hit “I Don’t Care”, which became the “unofficial gay anthem” of 2014, his popularity grew, and soon enough he was doing collaborations with notable celebrity icons like Michael Musto, New York City’s legendary ’Village Voice’ columnist, Celebrity Stylist Montgomery Frazier “The Image Guru” and, Pop Culture Zeitgeist and former celebrity columnist for ‘Vanity Fair’ Magazine, George Wayne.

Aaron Paul: I don’t care!

The music videos he creates promote LGBT rights and cross gender lines. In his latest video he wears a beautifully designed purple gown as he poses in front of monuments throughout Washington D.C. His newest release, #IAM Aaron Paul, will be released this summer, August 2020 and fuses his love of fashion, art and film.

Additionally, Aaron is an innovator in the Pop Art movement, which is a crossover of British and American artistic trends originating in the 50s and 60s, borrowing from pop culture, and influencing trends throughout art, music and fashion, challenging conventional values propagated by the mass media.

Like Bowie, Aaron is a chameleon, able to be a living canvas with his astounding fashion sense and his ability to cross gender boundaries as a creative influencer. His #IAMPOPART is an artistically visual music and film collaboration featuring Vanity Fair columnist and celebrity George Wayne fusing fashion, art and culture, directed by socialite Luciana Pampalone who has worked with Aaron on several of his other projects.

Aaron Paul: Every Life Matters

The video features Aaron being transformed into a visual canvas, with vibrant brush strokes of color embodying him from head to toe by legendary artist 80s street artist Linus Coraggio, who is a pioneer in the art world and was the founding leader of the 3-D graffiti movement of street art. The video is revolutionary, and emblematic of Aaron’s open-mindedness, and his ability to fuse music and art so flawlessly and effortlessly, as both an icon and art muse.

Some of his other projects include #itsFASHIONdahlings which is a fun tongue in cheek duet with the Image Guru Montgomery Frazier and his latest hit is BEHIND THIS PAINTED FACE, which is Aaron’s most personal and profound single yet; an emotional and hard-hitting vocal ballad showcasing Aaron’s range and musical depth and also exposing a glimpse into his true nature, that behind the facade of the glitz and glam life, there is a person of character who is hiding behind a facade of complex and true emotions.

Aaron Paul continues to shine as a leading figure in the pop scene, and as a personality and influencer, with a positive and loving demeanor, as a testament to high level talent making its way to Hollywood.

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Alexa Caroline Modugno is the US Consulting Associate Editor for An NYU graduate, she was a viola performance major with a minor in French studies. She currently also works as an arts journalist and culture editor of Frontrunner Magazine where she has interviewed and featured many prominent figures in the arts, film and music world. She also has an active role in the film scene, working as an actress for several indie films and has been a Q&A moderator, film judge and presenter for Winter Film Awards and Chelsea Film Festival. More about her here.

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