A recent survey launched by Xobin found that 72% of HR professionals believe that hiring for tech and software product roles is the toughest task.


As a leader in pre-hire skill assessment tests, Xobin helps over 600+ organizations with online assessment tests for pre-hire screening and training. The company tracks multiple data points to keep a pulse on the shifting trends in recruitment.

Xobin released its yearly stats on corporate hiring, giving fair data on the challenges in talent acquisition, recruitment trends, resignation, and retention, etc., and other trends for 2021-2022. The research surveyed over 1600 HR professionals spread across 10 countries. 

27% of the HR professionals reported that they faced challenges in team bonding and culture building and also reported that 72% of the candidates choose remote and hybrid working models. 

This points to the fact that huge organizations have to ramp up their investment in remote engagement tools and revamp their recruitment strategies to make work more engaging and seamless.

So, what does this all mean.

Start-ups and companies with smaller staff have shown greater emphasis on revamping their hiring practices and work models. Recruitment seems to be their No. 1 problem. On the other end, enterprises are facing greater challenges in upskilling and team bonding,” explains Guruprakash Sivabalan, CEO of Xobin.

The report highlights that the majority of employees resign because of salary expectations. An interesting trend picked while compiling this report was employer burnout due to poor work-life balance. Over 55% of the companies were looking to revamp employee experience based on fatigue and work-related stress feedback. Work-life balance and faster salary growth were reported as the top 2 reasons for an employee’s resignation in their exit interviews. 

The survey also touched upon the Candidate drop-off rate, which has seen a huge uptick in the past few months. “The decline in the joining ratio is a concern. Over 32% of HR professionals reported that in the past 1 year, just about 1 in 5 job offers rolled out by their company were accepted. The recruiter alone can’t be held responsible. The need of the hour is for talent acquisition teams to take a collaborative approach to engage with new hires,” said Amrit Acharya, COO of Xobin.

Xobin’s report on the ‘State of Corporate Recruitment’ is a clear reminder for employers to incorporate flexible working models in line with the changing world, to create a happy and productive workplace.

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