9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the RIGHT salon for your PET!

Lopa Saikia

By: Lopa Saikia

When we think about caring for our pet’s health, we instinctively think about vet visits, food and their training. But grooming your pet regularly, largely contributes to their wellbeing. When it’s finally time to take your pet into a grooming salon you should know to select the right salon. Keep reading to learn how to find the right dog groomer.

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The first step in discovering your dream groomer is diligent research. Ask trusted friends and family for their recommendations where they have taken their pet most of the time or search online – read and understand the reviews. Once you have narrowed down the options the best option is to talk to the dog groomer and learn the way the groomer handles your questions. The answers they give and the way they discuss your concerns can tell you a lot about the people to whom you are entrusting your precious pup.

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Check the facility

Pay a visit to the facility before you take your pet. How does it smell? How they keep the pets post grooming? All you want to see is a hygienic, well-ventilated space with clean equipment, accessories, and workstations.

Besides bathing, brushing, and haircut, what services do you provide?
Apart from knowing basic grooming, most of experienced pet groomers are aware of ear infections, tooth decay, skin infections, anal sac cleaning. They will also have professional tools for removing mats without causing irritation to the skin.

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Can I be next to my pet during grooming?

It’s not a great idea to be around your pet for the first time, because your presence could make your pup anxious. Most of the good salons install CCTV cameras and place the screen on the reception to watch. You can observe the behavior and decide for future visits. In case your dog is non – cooperative during the session, a good groomer can give you training tips for re-introducing grooming which you can practice at home.

Do you have experience with my dog’s breed?

Some breeds have particular grooming needs, so you may want to seek out a groomer who has experience with your specific breed. For example, if you have a show breed, you might want them to know the breed requirement/s.

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What kind of training do you have?

Training can vary. Some groomers learn on the job through apprenticeships or mentoring programs. Others attend classes at a pet grooming school. In case you get a fresher for your pet, make sure that the groomer is mentored by an experienced groomer during the session. In case, the first grooming experience does not go well with your precious pup, it may take time for him to overcome the experience.

What kind of products do you use?

The preference here is for gentle, high-quality washing and grooming products, with a minimum of chemicals. We get a lot of products with essential oils or you can also check with the groomer if they can use the same product that you use at home or your vet has prescribed.

How will my dog be housed?

Please ask the groomer how your pet will be housed when not on the grooming table. Will there be a full-time personnel overlooking the salon/grooming space, as we don’t want to have any kind of emergencies. Check the area where your pet will be housed and ensure that it’s secured and well ventilated.

Does the staff have any basic medical and first aid experience?

Emergencies do happen while grooming, but you will want to know if the staff is familiar with basic medical knowledge and administering first aid. Check if they use sedatives while grooming. According to most groomers, it’s a big no, unless necessary. Please know that the groomer should also ask you questions about your dog’s health like enlarged heart, hip dysplasia, allergies, etc. This will help determine how they will handle your dog.

How much will my dog’s grooming cost?

Check on the various packages your groomer offers. An experienced groomer will be able to tell the price after assessing the condition for your dog. Avoid the hidden fees.

Hope this helped! Do your homework and ask questions. The partnership between your dog and the groomer will go along way.

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Lopa Saikia is the founder and owner of PawbarPawbar is a pet studio and host pets’ for short and long stays. Pawbar as a concept was created with the mission to offer the best in class service in terms of grooming and stay, yet affordable.

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