5 Good PR Tips on How To Boost Your Educational Institution in the Media


5 Good PR Tips on How To Boost Your Educational Institution in the Media

With hundreds of educational institutions opening every single day, the difference between success and failure is image and brand differentiation. How do you differentiate your school or college from the competition, and convince a parent that yours is the best choice for their child?

This post will tell you the right messaging that parents want to hear. It will tell you secret tips that you must do internally to make your PR engine more efficient. It will tell you about a source of funds, which you have probably not tapped for funds.

It will also give you one tip that will get you PR and stickiness with your audience for free.

School public relations works like this:
If you tell a parent how great and wonderful your school is, that is advertising. If you tell a parent how great and wonderful, they are and how your school will help them be even better, that is marketing. If a parent tells their friends and neighbors how great and wonderful your school is, that is PR. Strive for this kind of grass-roots PR and you’ll build trust, confidence, and support.

Parents want to hear what good the school is doing. So make sure your activities are well brought out. Talk about the outings, the benefits and the efforts that the school is making towards the child’s development.

To do this well “Plan in advance” – at least a month. Involve the PR strategist, so that he can suggest angles that bring out the activities in a lot more focus. For instance – you may just be able to structure the activities a lot better.

To understand how to create an effective PR plan talk to Atharva Marcom here.

You need funds, but you haven’t created an effected alumni group. Alumni groups needn’t be just out of class XII. Even Kinder garden can have an alumni event. And everyone loves a bond with their Alma-mater.

The one tip that would get you PR and stickiness for free, is your own content. Do you have a maths class? An English class? A music class? Record it and put it out. Learning is the new stickiness!

If you have a friend who runs a school or college or even a play school – share these tips with her. He or She will thank you for it!

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